Friends of Lake McLarty


The Friends of Lake McLarty (FoLM) is a volunteer based Environment Group in the Peel Region of Western Australia. The group co-operates closely with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) to help preserve the natural qualities of Lake McLarty and ensure the biodiversity and integrity of the lake are preserved. In addition the group promotes public awareness of the importance of the lake and its flora and fauna. .

Lake McLarty lies to the east of Harvey Estuary and is the most important migratory shorebird site in the southern half of Western Australia. The lake is the principal freshwater lake of the Peel Yalgorup Wetland complex which is listed under the International Ramsar Convention, and it regularly attracts over 30,000 waterbirds each summer.

Many of the birds using the site are long distance migrants from the Arctic Circle which make the immense journey to the southern hemisphere each year via a network of wetlands similar to the Peel-Yalgorup complex.

FoLM includes residents living around the lake, representatives of Bird Life Australia, Peel Preservation Group and Department of Parks and Wildlife. Plant and ecology experts in the Peel area as well as members with long experience of local environmental issues and group administration are all committed to the group.

New members encouraged to join and participate with the group activities.

Contact the group by email: lakemclartyreserve “at” gmail “dot” com, or “follow” this web site using the “Follow us” box to the left and receive email updates of news and events.

Following are the three most recent articles added to the site. All articles can be found under the relevant menu at the top of the page.


Lake McLarty Vegetation Transect Survey April 2017

A vegetation survey on two transects across the Lake McLarty ( when dry in Summer) was carried out to identify the the type of vegetation that exists and creating a list with maps. Also to record any bare ground (mud flats when wet) that still exist as suitable feeding ground for Waders.

This project was funded by Alcoa Australia and supported by the Department of Parks and Wildlife.  The survey and report was completed by Heather Adamson (Heart of Green).

Access to the completed report is available by clicking on the following:

Lake McLarty Transect Surveys Update

People involved in the survey were:

  • Heather Adamson: On contract with Peel Harvey Catchment Council – Vegetation Surveys. (Ex Land For Wildlife Field Officer 17yrs with Department Parks & Wildlife)
  • Bob Paterson: Member of Lake McLarty Friends Group and Leader of the Mandurah Bird Observers Group which is a sub group of Birdlife Australia
  • Sandra Williamson: Botanist from South Africa assisting PHCC Field work
  • Jesse Rowley: Assisting PHCC Field work

Native Seed collecting – Jan 2017


Part of our NRM grant was to assist us with seed collecting to enable us to propagate species from the lake for future plantings.
On 20,21 and 24 January, 2017, members of the group participated in collecting seed from plants along the southern area of the lake, with Heather Adamson of Heart of Green.
Species collected were mainly Melaleucas with Astartea and Juncus. Examples are shown
below. The seed pods are now being allowed to dry and drop their seeds. These will then be put in to containers and stored until needed to be propagated and planted out either in new areas or to fill in gaps in those areas where plantings had previously been done.

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